Rules and regulations – Jet Ski


The jetski can be rented only by presenting a valid ID with a photo.


Fuel is included in the rental price.


The ride is always paid in advance.


It can be paid in cash and all major credit cards.


There is no refund except in the case of extremely bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.


While driving, be sure to comply with all regulations on behavior at sea that will be explained to you before taking the ride.


It is absolutely forbidden to speed (speedboat) less than 300 meters from the shore. 


It is absolutely forbidden to operate a vessel under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants.


The jet ski vessel is always rented at its own risk, which is determined by the mandatory signature of the relevant document before driving.


Consequently, Denor Travel cannot be held liable for any damage caused to third parties or traffic offenses while driving.


Driving is only allowed on certain corridors that will be explained to you before driving. 


All jet ski vessels are equipped with land-based remote controls so that any inappropriate behavior will be sanctioned by shutting down the vessel and returning to the beach without the right to a refund.


We reserve the right to refuse to rent jet skis to anyone without a specific explanation if we feel the need to do so for any reason.