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RIBs – Inflatable boats, the real pleasure


Before you rent a boat, you probably ask yourself. What a boat should you rent? A classic boat or inflatables?

From year to year inflatables are becoming increasingly popular. If you need a boat for sunbathing, fishing, exploring trips, water skiing, or a safe sport boat, you should opt for a inflatable boat. Statistics show that 10% of all boats worldwide are inflatables. That is more than 3 times as many as 10 years ago. The key to this success lies in the performances of an inflatable boat.


Boat type: Rigid inflatable boat (RIB)

Material of the supporting tube: HYPALON or PVC

Bottom: rigid bottom made of fiberglass

The main advantage of every inflatable boat is its supporting tube. This major advantage has a number of amazing effects with it:

  • The boat is twice as wide which significantly increases the stability. The combination of supporting tube with medium or deep V-hull allows the boat excellent performances on the sea.
  • The boat has a multi-chamber tunnel (usually 5 chambers) with an incredible tube volume. This prevents that in case of damage entire tube collapses. It guarantees high safety, endurance and space for passengers.
  • The main materials are light and flexible. They increase the handling and mobility tremendously.
    All inflatables have a shorter life expectancy and need more care and maintenance. The reason for this is that the main material is more sensitive and more resilient than metal. But over the years this problem has become increasingly smaller. Technical progress in the chemical industry always makes better and stronger materials.

Here again tabular comparison between conventional boats and inflatables:


Attributeconventional boatsInflatables
Stabilitylessmuch more
Gliding abilitylessmore
Lige expectancy15-20 Years10-15 Years
Space requirementssamesame



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